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Overcoming the Fear of English (Преодолевая страх английского)

Анна Царик, 3 ступень

Overcoming the Fear of English (Преодолевая страх английского)

3 months of a wonderful, carefree and full of happy events holiday has finished. The time to come back to our English lessons has come. You can’t think about it with regret -- you think about it with fear. You go to the class and realize you remember nothing from what you learned at the previous lessons , you had no practice in English during your vacation, you fear you will not understand your teacher, your fellow-students, who, you think, had more opportunities to practice English during the break.

You come into the classrom, the lesson starts. It’s impossible to stay silent. The structure of the lesson does not allow you to sit without a word: you have to speak. But your tongue doesn’t obey you, it seems to be very fat to pronounce English words. You realize you don’t remember grammar, your vocabulary has become poor and you don’t know how to express your thoughts… You start to panic a little. It reminds your feeling at the first lesson on the first step: language barrier. But you have no choice -- you should fulfill the task your teacher gave you: you should talk about the most remarkable event this summer. You start to speak. You need only 5 minutes in order to remember all you have learned before. You feel happiness that you can speak right, that everybody can understand your speech, and the teacher praises you after you have finished your speech. The lesson ends. You have a good mood because now you know you will be able to speak in any situation, after even a long break. You shout mentally: “I can speak English therefore I exist!” At the same time, you realize you must have some practice to support your English on a proper level.
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